MINISO Y-shaped Wall Mounted Hooks, Holds Upto 1kg Load, 3 Pack, Multi

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Material: ABS. The body of the wall mounted hooks is strong, durable and sturdy to use.

Load Capacity: The hooks can hold the maximum load upto 1 kg.

The package contains 3 hooks with dimensions 6 cm x 3 cm x 2.4 cm.

The hooks can hold the clothes, keys, mugs, bags and etc. Thus, also helps in saving the space efficiently.

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Improve storage space and have clutter free area as you use these Y-shaped hooks by MINISO. These come in multi colours to add aesthetic vibes to the place. These hooks can be used in your bedrooms/bathroom/kitchen/offices etc. Product feature: Interesting design, no need for drilling Material: ABS Use method: 1. Clean the surface with cloth before sticking hook on it. Do not touch adhesive part with your hands. 2. Press after sticking and wait for 24 hours before hanging items on it. Note: 1. If there is water, oil, wax or dirt on the surface/adhesive part, it wont stick properly. 2. The best option is to stick it to smooth tiles. 3. Max. weight 1kg.