Miniso Vanity Folding Mirror Portable Travel Light Makeup Mini Mirror Folding Cosmetic Pocket Small Tote Bag,Mirror For Girls Makeup

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1. It has a sleek finish and an elegant design with foldable ends

2. It has three mirrors when unfold. One big square mirror and two small ones.

3. Great choice for vanity makeup mirror which fully displays your reflection

4. The design of the mirror is such that it doesn’t need a stand as the other two separate mirrors which unfolds acts as a stand for the mirror.

5. Lightweight and portable, you can carry it wherever you go

The Miniso Medium Folding Mirror is the perfect addtion to your accessories. The mirror is lightweight and compact and will fit perfectly in purse. It has a 3 shaped mirror which unfolds as 1, it also acts as a stand and has good coverage. Its eye catching design and perfect finish accentuates the look of your interior. Made of HIPS material & Glass, it is durable and lasts for a long time.