MINISO Travel Bottle Kit Set of 5, Portable Plastic Multipurpose Cosmetic Toiletries Travel Refillable Bottles - Multicolour For Storing Lotions, Shampoos

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1. MINISO travel kit set

2. Convenient and easy to store lotions, face mist, shampoo

3. The set is of 5 allowing to put the products according to use.

4. Fits conveniently in the makeup bags

5. These plastic travel size bottles can be used in countless ways. They are ideal for storing your lotions, gels, face and body creams, shampoos, conditioners, mouthwash, hand sanitizers, perfumes just to name a few. Moreover, they can be effortlessly cleaned and refilled

While packing bags for a journey always travel light. Instead of carrying huge bottles of lotions, shampoos and other beauty care products; transfer the amount of products required in these MINISO travel kit bottles. These bottles are quite durable and easy to carry.