MINISO Round Shade Facial Cleansing Pad Sponge Puff for Men and Women

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The sponge is 100% natural by fermenting the edible konjac fiber. No chemical additives added! Suitable for all type of skin, and add bamboo charcoal which can control the oiliness, prefect for oily/combination skin

Main Functions: Cleaning face, solve pore blockage problem. Massage, improve blood circulation. Makeup Removal, easily remove cosmetic residue. Exfoliating, konjac fiber design for remove dead skin and cutin

No stimulation: The very gentle texture has no stimulation to any skin, so its very suitable for sensitive skin and babys skin.

User Friendly Design: Good elasticity, soft water absorption, not easy to deform. Hole gap can produce a lot of bubbles, cleaning is cleaner. Lightweight and compact, easy to store and use. Lanyard design, easy to dry, after use

Easy Using Step: Wet the face with warm water. Wash its surface as you rub it. The soft and delicate bubbles will appear. Apply the foam to the entire face in a clockwise direction and gently massage. Wash face with cold water to help shrink pores