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MINISO S9116 Round Brush for Curly Hair

₹150.00 ₹0.00

Size: 22.8x4x4 cm

  • Nylon Bristles. -Made of high-grade nylon material, the bristles of these brushes are strong and thick enough to work excellent on curly hair, no matter your hair thick or coarse.
  • Best for Your Hair. -The anti-bacterial protection design of on the bristles of this round brush helps keep your hair healthy.
  • For Any Type of Hair. -The stiffness of the bristles offers more control than all-natural ones which will help you keep your hair healthy and strong no matter what type of hair you have.
  • Be Your Own Stylist. - Use this brush when you are using a hair dryer that is with a nozzle attachment, it won’t get tangled in your hair and you can easily master whatever style you’re going for.
  • Great Effect on Curly Hair. - Excellent brush for adding shine and eliminating frizz.