MINISO Non Slip Flocked Clothes Hanger, Space Saving

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MINISO solid hangers for clothes

Material: PET, Nylon Yarn, Metal Hook These hangers ensures to be durable, strong yet lightweight.

The hangers are perfect for space lovers as they saves the space in the wardrobe.

The hanger will make your closet look high end

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These space-saving hangers from MINISO are ideal for hanging clothes like skirts, pants, jeans, work pants, trousers, shirts, jackets and so on. The hangers features a strong body and features a non slip design which prevents the clothes from slipping off. It is pack of 3. Material: PET, Nylon Yarn, Metal Hook Note: Do not leave the product in high temperatures, flammable or humid environment for a long period of time. Please keep it in a dry and cool place.