MINISO Marvel Phone Holder Adjustable Stand Lovely Desktop Cell Phone Stand Creative Cartoon Multi-Function Desk Phone Stand Smartphone Dock Holder

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LOVELY DESIGN-Cute Marvel characters design make it also be a wonderful decoration for desktop stand, bookshelf, etc.

GROOCES DESIGN-The base of the mobile phone bracket has two grooves, each of which can support the bottom of the mobile phone. Can be placed both vertically or horizontally, convenient and practical. It is very simple and convenient to move the position.

MATERIAL-Soft PVC product which has a soft and smooth surface to protects your device from scratches and sliding. Because the base of the bracket has stripes, it has friction force on the table, which can prevent it from slipping.

SUITABLE HEIGHT&PERFECT ANGLE-Appropriate height and perfect viewing angle give you the best experience when you use Facetime and watch YouTube. Perfect for watching videos, viewing pictures and playing games in your home.

SUITABLE- Suitable for all sizes of mobile phones and tablets, such as: iPhone 11/x/Max/plus, Samsung, Android, iPad and other tablet items that need to be supported, with reasonable size and no waste of space.

Material: PVC. Packaging Materials: PVC+COLOR CARD. NOTE: 1.Keep away from the fire. 2.Store in a dry and cool place. 3.Do not expose to direct sunlight. About MINISO: We assure you that every item is the best. We establish a product center for 300 people to pick each item, and actually try out all the samples, then carefully screening them again and again. We assure you that the production process is fine. We visit global raw material production and processing sites to select the best raw material, be exquisite to a single needle or a piece of thread. We assure you that everything is guaranteed. We establish a quality inspection center with more than 503 people for strictly filtering every item for you. LOVE LIFE, LOVE MINISO!