MINISO Oil-absorbing Tissues(70*2)

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Progenitor Oil Blotting Sheets are made from natural linen fibers with organic green tea for freshness.

This oil abording tissue can remove shine from your face, without smudging makeup or leaving behind powder.

Lightweight and Convenient size: it can easily to fit in a purse or jeans pockets so can use it anytime you feel your face is oily

These Oil blotting paper should be called presses because no wiping is required. You simply need to hold it against your cheek/forehead/chin/etc. and 2 seconds later your skin is MUCH less oily to the look and touch. These wipes won't leave your skin feeling dry

These blotting sheets are suitable for both men and women, which effective at drawing out dirt, oil from the face, prevent blackhead, use them at work, in the gym, or anytime you're in need of a quick cleaning, also are good gifts for your friends

Natural Premium Oil Blotting Sheets for your face rapidly absorb excess oils and help control shine without any makeup or brushes. Reduce pores size, blackhead, and acne by removing shine, dirt, oil, and perspiration without over-drying your skin. It won't smudge makeup or leave any mark on your face. The fresh taste of green tea makes the product more perfect to use!