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MINISO Fruit Series Eye Mask-Grapefruit

₹190.00 ₹0.00

Size:17.5x8.5 cm

  • For cold use: Put the eye mask in the fridge for 30 minutes, then may use this product; For warm use: Wrap the eye mask with damp cloth and put in a microwave oven, heat for 10 seconds, and take it out to use. If the temperature is not warm enough after heating, please heat for 5 more seconds.
  • 1. Gel eye mask with hot and cold compress, cold compress is for relieving swollen and puffy eyes, hot compress is for relieving the stress and pressure.2. Made of high quality PVC material, soft fabric. 3. Fit the shape of your face.4. Designed with long lasting durability.5. Lovely design of grapefruit print.
  • Heat this product with microwave oven only. Please heat according to the instruction to avoid overheating. If the product is broken and have contacted the skin, please rinse with water.
  • Leave this product to air dry after cleaning, do not twist to dry it.
  • This eye mask utilizes advanced self-heating technology to heighten relaxation and relieve tired eyes with the warm and soothing sensation of steam heat

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