MINISO Fish-Shaded Bento Box Grey Lunch Bag Sac for School Office 670ML

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Made of Food-grade PP material, prevent food leak & durable

Food-safe: only high-quality, toxin-free: contain no BPA or toxic additives.

Compact design, and light weight, easy to take in school, office, and outdoor picnic

Dishwasher Safe, Unbreakable, Lightweight tableware set for kids and adults of all age groups

Keeps food hot or cold upto few hours

Keeps food hot or co"Food grade PP material and compact design, high-performance seal element to prevent food leak out, MINISO Double Layer Lunch Box is practical and durable for students, office people and kids. Double layer and divided compartments make it easy to store food including rice, bread, vegetable, fruit, sneak separately. It¡¯e perfect gifts for your families and yourself, take delicious warm food anywhere with MINISO Double Layer Bento Box. Notes: 1. Inflammable product, keep away from fire and in the shade. 2. Do not heat directly in boiling water. Storage: Please store in a dry place with room temperature. Avoid direct sunshine. About MINISO: We assure you that every item is the best. We establish a product center for 300 people to pick each item, and actually try out all the samples, then carefully screening them again and again. We assure you that the production process is fine. We visit global raw material production and processing sites to select the best raw material, be exquisite to a single needle or a piece of thread. We assure you that everything is guaranteed. We establish an quality inspection center with more than 500 people for strictly filtering every item for you. LOVE LIFE, LOVE MINISO!