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MINISO Elegant Series Scented Candles Floral Bouquet Black 36 Hours Burn

₹190.00 ₹0.00
White Delicate Lavender + White Elegant Rose
White Delicate Lavender + White Pure Jasmine
Black FLORAL BOUQUET + White Elegant rose
Black FLORAL BOUQUET+ White Delicate Lavender
Black FLORAL BOUQUET+White Pure Jasmine

Fill your room with beautiful aroma with MINISO Elegant Series Scented Candle!

  • Each flavor is design delicately for providing aromatherapy, creating mood,enhancing atmospheres, stress relief.
  • Finest essential oil and palm wax makes you enjoy the romance fragrance for longer with 36 hours hours burning time.
  • Place the candle in your bedroom for better sleep, in your bathroom for a ultra relaxation or at the stair,windowsill to decorate your home with romantic sense.