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MINISO Cotton Pads 225PCS for Skin Cleasing Facial Care Makeup Remover

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  • Soft, gentle,and skin-friendly, MINISO Natural Cotton Pads are suitable for daily makeup , water supply, makeup and remove nail polish.
  • High-density design makes it ultra absorbent & water-saving, ensuring your favorite skin care product never go to waste.
  • Made of premium cotton, these soft yet skin-friendly cotton pads perform well, perfect for all skin type including sensitive skin.

Use Tips: Replenishment and maintenance : Pour a proper amount of make-up water, essential oil or emulsion onto MINISO cotton pads, gently beating face skin.

Remove of makeup : Pour the cotton pad onto the appropriate amount of makeup remover.

Gently wipe your face.

Remove your Nail polish :Wet the cotton pad with liquid unloading product, wrap it around the nail and remove the nail polish . 


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