MINISO MARVEL Earphones Comfortable Earbuds Cute Earphones for Mobile Smartphones, Captain America

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Comfort to wear, simple and fashion. High quality silicone earbuds.

With 1.2 meters perfect length Tangle-free cable to plug it in anywhere

3.5mm jack for most mobile Android phones, Pads, laptops

These cute and quirky looking earphones will prove to be a perfect gift options for the MARVEL fans/lovers.

For all the MARVEL fans, MINISO launches its latest collection of earphones from its Marvel series. The earphones are super comfortable to wear and offers thrilling music experience. It is suitable to plug into your mobile phones. The marvel design on the earbuds offers to be eye-catching and appealing. Material: ABS+TPE Use: Plug to use. Plug into 3.5mm port on your cellphone. Note: 1. Do not use for a long time to avoid damaging your hearing. 3. Do not use while driving. Keep away from fire and humidity. Store in a dry and cool place. About MINISO: We assure you that every item is the best. We establish a product center for 300 people to pick each item, and actually try out all the samples, then carefully screening them again and again. We assure you that the production process is fine. We visit global raw material production and processing sites to select the best raw material, be exquisite to a single needle or a piece of thread. We assure you that everything is guaranteed. We establish a quality inspection center with more than 500 people for strictly filtering every item for you. LOVE LIFE, LOVE MINISO!